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Trash to Treasure

Does the thought of finding lost treasure make you squeal with glee? Then you must enjoy the great summer garage sale hunt, where someone’s trash becomes someone else’s treasure! We at Economy Self Storage love, love, love when we stumble upon something magnificent at a flea market or garage sale in our Honey Brook, PA community. But, what happens when the “someone else’s trash” needs a good facelift before it can become “our treasure”? We’ve done some research and found some awesome ideas for creating jewels out of junk.

Trash #1: An entertainment unit made of press board, the kind that you find in just about every thrift store around.

Treasure: Turn it into a sleek bedside table by taking off the wheels and replacing them with some stylish furniture feet. Next, remove the doors and the back and repaint them in a fun, bold color of your choice, or try your hand at decoupage and use a paper print that you love. Paint the remainder in the frame in a complimentary neutral color, like white or black, and then add the final touch by replacing the existing knobs with new ones.

Trash #2: Frame with broken glass

Treasure: Repaint the frame in a color that works with your space. Then, use magnetic paint to cover the backboard where a picture used to go. Now you’ve got a super chic chalkboard to hang anywhere you need to leave a note!

Trash #3: A chest of drawers that is old and outdated, with some nicks and dings along the surface

Treasure: Sand it down, apply a fresh, funky coat of paint to the frame and drawers, and change out the hardware for something modern. Voila! A modern, magnificent dresser!

Trash #4: Old, weathered yard gnomes, owls and other lawn ornaments.

Treasure: Clean them off, and then purchase some bright colored spray paint. Spray them outside or in a well-ventilated space and behold – some great decorations for the kids’ rooms! They’ll work as great door stops or book ends.

Trash #5: Old metal television trays that look like they served there last meal decades ago.

Treasure: Modernize these marvels by priming and painting them in a color that works with your space. Then, get some magnetic paper and print a cool image on it using an inkjet printer. Don’t have an inkjet printer handy? Dust off your drawing skills and trace an image or shape and cut it out with scissors. Place the image on the tray and you’ve got a funky, one-of-a-kind design!

We’d love to see your trash-to-treasure renovations! Please bring by before and after photos of your latest project. And remember, you can always use a storage unit as a space for renovating your newly acquired items!

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