Simple staging with help of our storage space

Chances are once spring rolls around a move may be in your future, is your space ready? Economy Self Storage is here to help you get ready to sell a home and purchase another. Storage space and Do-it-yourself staging ideas are our main focus this month. See how simple staging can be when you have extra space.

Honey Brook PA storage space

Make it shine

  • Cleaning the nooks and crannies puts your kitchen above the rest. This is an important selling point as well as the bathroom.
  • Send the drapes to the dry cleaners and rent a wet vacuum for the carpets.
  • Spray down windows on both sides. The more light coming in the better. You can even open them before the showing to let in natural light.
  • If furniture has marks that are not able to be fixed, move stained items to storage and out of the lime light.

First appearances

  • Prune all trees in early spring to avoid any over hanging branches that may cause issues.
  • Since buyers see the house from the outside first, a welcome sign or flag are a nice way to welcome your guests.
  • It is especially important to store patio furniture and grills when they are not in season.

Fast tricks

  • Potted plants will bring life to a small dark room.
  • Mirrors create the illusion of large space and brighten a poorly lit area.
  • Change out burnt light bulbs for a higher wattage. Create as much light as possible so the room looks bigger.
  • Keep the entryway simple with very little furniture. Add a vase of flowers for a nice touch.

It is hard to know how your buyer is thinking when they approach your property but with a little help from the experts at Economy Self Storage, you will be staging and storing like a professional in no time.

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