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7 Items to Get Out of Storage for Your Memorial Day Celebration

Each year Memorial Day weekend comes and goes. Why not make this year’s celebration the talk of your neighborhood? Everyone loves a good party, and a three-day weekend just begs for you to head to your self-storage unit to pull out all the things you need to “wow” your guests!

Not sure what to use for your soiree of the century? Here are seven fantastic suggestions:

  1. Pull out all of your patio furniture and make sure they’re clean. You’re going to have lots of guests, and they’ll need tables and chairs.
  2. Make sure your grill is in tip-top shape for the big cookout. If you didn’t clean it thoroughly before putting it into storage, make sure you scrub it well now.
  3. Bring out all of your holiday items like artificial trees and wreaths. Theme one of your Memorial Days “Christmas in May”. If Christmas isn’t the holiday of your choice, you can do this with other seasonal items, such as from Valentine’s Day or Halloween.
  4. Grab the kiddie pool and fill it with tons of water and ice. Then use it to store your canned and bottled beverages.
  5. Use your camping tents and host an overnight party with all of your friends or family members. S’mores are necessary if you choose this option!
  6. Utilize every one of your mismatched kids’ party plates, streamers, utensils and balloons that you’ve collected over the years. You’ll all get a laugh at Uncle Harold eating his ribs off a “Happy Birthday! You’re A Big Boy Now!” dinosaur plate!
  7. Bring out all the family memorabilia you’ve stored in your secure unit, including pictures, yearbooks, old prom dresses and tchotchkes. There’s nothing like reminiscing about the “good old days”.

There’s really no reason to hold off your creativity any longer. Make bold choices and have the best Memorial Day on the block.

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